About Restoration Haven

To see at risk communities (urban) restored and to become havens: places of refuge, safety, trust and growth. RHI desires to create an environment that is conducive for proper growth and development causing the lives in the communities to be transformed and renewed.

RHI accepts the challenge to break the barriers and to bridge the gap that has held at risk communities in areas that have been left socially and economically isolated. RHI's approach to community development is holistic and requires both evangelism and social action. As RHI networks with other local, state, and national organizations that impact the lives in these communities, it provides an advocacy that will create a synergy to activate restoration, reformation, revitalization and renewal.

About the Founder

The vision for RHI was birthed in Shirley Langston many years ago through her compassionate involvement with inner city youth in Dallas Texas. As she transitioned to Waco in 2004, she found the same desire for Waco's at risk communities.

Shirley has vast ministry and corporate experience. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and a Master's degree in Counseling.

Shirley's pioneering spirit is evident through her intercessory prayer that releases God's purposes in the earth. She has been a part of Apostolic teams into nations for the purpose of spiritual and social transformation. She truly has a passion to see lives grasp hold of their divine destiny, disciplined in God's truth, and released into their eternal purpose for which they were created.