Services Provided by Restoration Haven

GAP - God's Abundant Provision:
This program provides general consumables such as diapers, toiletries, paper goods, etc. Needs assessment and budget are required to receive this service.

HOPE - Helping Other Parents Excel:
Host parents nights out, support groups, and family therapy.

LEAP - Life Excellence Advancement Program:
This program offers basic life skill classes (i.e. parenting, nutrition, boundaries, personal discovery, money management, time management, and sexual integrity). Some classes are taught by other agencies and social work interns.

CARE - Counseling Advocacy Restoring and Empowerment:
We care for the emotional needs of the clients by providing individual, group, and family therapy. Their lives are restored and empowered as we meet their social needs as we advocate for them in the educational, judicial, and medical and social services arenas.

Hearts Ablaze Fellowship:
To provide a biblical foundation through studying the Word and building relationships by intimate fellowship with one another.